Outlook Contacts are not connected to Outlook Calendar. Outlook Emails are not connected to Contacts. When you get an email, how do you know what you have scheduled for that customer? How do you know what their past purchases are? All this gets fixed immediately by DejaOffice PC CRM Express. This is an Outlook based CRM that will scan all your email history and build a Customer Relations file. Then, you have the important customer history at your fingertips whenever you get a call, email or text. DejaOffice is also the only CRM that has full mobile capabilities. Securely sync using USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or DejaCloud and carrey your database anywhere. Make updates on your phone and they will sync back when you connect to your PC. We provide US Based Telephone Technical Support and we also offer Premium technical service to set up the software for you. Click on the title above to get a free 14-day trial.


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